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Imagine turbulent times after Spin off from a big ticket corporation - with enormous growth rates and piles of unresolved topics. 

Being the CFO of an globally active Start up there where any kind of challenging tasks to handle - not only in the commercial area.


Even larger groups sometimes take several attempts to overcome a hurdle. Even in this case only the seamless collaboration of internal Know where to and external Change Management Experience effected final success: In less than a year a completely new organizational structure was implemented inside the core group of companies involving several thousand employees an numerous sites and companies - without loosing key staff and also exceeding all profit  targets by far.



Acting in time, eliminating weaknesses, identifying alternatives and communicating the path to solution consistently - that is what always turns crisis into opportunity and lets you find conspirators anytime. The Interim Executive in many cases is the catalyst, who gives the spark to generate and control the thrust towards the goal.



Crisis scenario: Imagine it's Financial Crisis and also run away time for key staff.
Together with a large group of seasoned Interim Executives in various, ad hoc vacant key functions we managed to completely and quickly redo the structure of all European Region companies of a major group. Effectively the whole, globally active corporation managed to emerge strengthened from crisis. Meanwhile it retook control of global market strategies enjoying work market leadership once again.

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